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What Is This 13-Days of Rituals?

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Some of you may be wondering what this 13-days is all about. It is basically a place to come and create rituals around nutrition and self-love. It's about slowing down and stop rushing through life.

When we are children, rituals are created that we have no control over. Birthdays are cake, ice cream, punch and parties. You blow out your candles, eat sugar, drink sugar and then when the gifts are opened you're either happy with the way the day went or you feel let down. Trust me, I have cried on many birthdays. So, I recreated the rituals around my birthday. I do love cake, but it doesn't love me. If I really feel it will make me happy on my birthday, I will have it. As I get older, I realize healthy versions of sweets make me happy without the health issues. The carpal tunnel, high blood pressure, acne, IBS, depression and more are just not worth the pain sugar causes me. It is addictive and you will find yourself making excuses to eat it. If someone tells you not to, sometimes it makes you want it more.

Other rituals are holidays. Halloween 2018 is where I broke down from my ketogenic lifestyle. I thought one snickers wouldn't hurt me, but it did. It lead to a binge session of candy. As a child, that's what you did, you got free candy and ate it until your stomach hurt. Sometimes we just mindlessly do what we remember. It's in your subconscious and it feels weird if you don't do it. When you change any of it, it feels weird at first. But you can change it to be healthy and amazing. The healthy I speak of is not boring at all. It is satiating, sexy, delicious, and succulent. You don't feel deprived! You glow, feel unstoppable, alive, energetic and you look forward to it. These rituals will create so much self-love that you will feel as if you are reversing in age. Okay, maybe in the first week or so you may feel the effects of changing energy systems. Once you cross that bridge, that is when you see all that is good. That is another reason for 13-days. Come here and do the work within and eliminate the sugar and processed foods. Yes, we all slip up, we all give in, cry, get angry...all of it. That is why you can come back every month. Some of the info each month will be the same, but some of it will change. As you change you will find something you did not find prior.

13-Days is also a place to keep your fire lit. If you go to a Tony Robbins or Oprah event you leave motivated and inspired. You walk out of that place ready to take on the world. But then what happens? You slowly go back to your old ways and then you start the cycle all over again. Wouldn't be great if we had our own personal motivational speaker to wake us up daily and light that fire? Yeah, I will take a personal chef and house cleaner with that order. The fact is, it is YOU that has to light your fire daily. I want you to get passionate about healthy nutrition. I want you to love what you cook, how you eat and where you are. You may say, I can't afford that! Let me tell you, I almost lost my home and I kept telling myself I couldn't have good food. One day I said, "I deserve all the healthy food for my body." I went in that store and used my credit card and had steak that night. Before I knew it, I was buying the foods I deserved. That is another part of nutrition rituals—MANIFESTATION!!! You will learn how to speak to yourself. Sometimes the days message may seem like it has nothing to do with nutrition, but I promise you that it does.

Whatever you do, just start. My husband started by cutting out sugary drinks and eventually started eating the way I do. He didn't need to lose weight, just wanted to feel youthful. He couldn't believe how amazing he felt. YOU'RE WELCOME HUSBAND!

I am happy you are here. All of those comfort foods that are in your subconscious from childhood can be recreated. I promise. You will create a NEW COMFORT around healthy comfort foods and will feel amazing.

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