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Normal HbA1c and Info on Lipids Panel

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

I have a lot happening and wanted to update everyone. I am one person who does many things, but my passion always comes back to nutrition. Well, it never really leaves. My daily life is a series of what to eat and then taking my blood pressure, checking my blood sugar and reading and research. I am happy to say, my HbA1c is normal now. I want to get it even lower, but I was estatic to see this result. It was 6.1 in December before I started Carnivore. I will be honest, I was probably more Ketovore as Dr. Ken Berry would say. I aim for carnivore and sometimes vegetables happen. As a busy mom and business woman, I am not mad at myself. I will move forward and get it right. That is something else I want to mention. But first, here are my results from Everlywell.

As you can see, my HbA1c was in a range where I could head towards being diabetic or I could make the right choice to optimize my labs.
DECEMBER 2020 Results

As you can see, eating keto/carnivore put me in a better place for my health.
MARCH 2021 Results

I have yet to retest my lipids, but plan to go this week. When I was last at my primary care physician he wanted to place me on a statin, which I refused. I am happy that I did. I kept hearing the name Dave Feldman. I have a very short attention span so would not watch his videos, until last night. I was like, "Okay universe, I will watch what he has to say about cholesterol." What a game changer. Here is the video if you want to watch it. If you are on the fence about keto or carnivore, I welcome you to watch this. Do you want to be the Captain of your own Health Ship? I know I do. That is what I am so thrilled about and basically my main reason for this post. After you watch the video on Dave Feldman, I want you to check out the link below for ordering your own labs. If you agree to the study, you even get 10% off the already low prices. You just need a LabCorp near by. I love my Everlywell, but let's just say, I have stuck my finger to death.

On Dave's Blog he mentions the launch of Own Your Labs. You can order your own lab work without a doctor. For the people who love seeing their numbers and experimenting on themselves, this is for you. I am in LOVE. Check it out. I am not affiliated with any of it, just a FAN!

Now for the other news. I will be changing up 22 Days of Rituals. Who am I fooling, it has been 12 Days since I started it. I am a perfectionist and I want it to be AMAZEBALLS! I am turning it into an E-Course. More interaction and made to not take up so much of your day. Simple little lessons and things to help you get more spiritually connected with your food. It's important to feel that connection. I believe you have to know why you're putting something in your mouth.

That is all for today. You should be hearing more from me soon. Look out for that e-course. Sign up and give it a GO!


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