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Moon Phase Nutrition & Intermittent Fasting

I never thought I would mention intermittent fasting again after my horrible issues with it back in 2018. I had lost 61 pounds using the keto way of eating and decided to incorporate fasting. Honestly, I was just following other people and thought trying a 42 hour fast sounded like a great idea. WRONG! I was not prepared and when I ate after fasting that long I had some raw vegetables. It was a horrible nightmare for my stomach.

I realized my mistakes after reading the book by Dr. Mindy Peltz, Fast Like A Girl

I would love to do a book club meeting around this book. There are some things I agree with and some things I question in the book...however, I do agree with the cyclical eating and the way to use fasting at the optimal times for our hormones. In 2018 I was fasting like a man. I also became addicted to fasting and wanted more more more. I was experiencing #orthorexia at the time which is on the other end of other eating disorders. If you have an eating disorder I do not recommend fasting. I would speak to a therapist equipped to handle eating disorders. I am just a nutrition educator, not a medical worker.

I have actually attempted to use the moon phases to represent cycles before and just kept confusing myself and losing my way. After reading this book I want to attempt to organize a cyclical nutrition plan that incorporates intermittent fasting. I highly suggest going through 13 Days of Rituals first if you are not fat-adapted or you are coming from the SAD diet. This will help you prepare.

I will never suggest extended fasting here. I would have to do this for a very long time and know that my body is ready for it.

The other thing I want to point out is that some of us will use a different eating style. I am about 95% #carnivore, but I started with #keto, then keto/carnivore and then lean more towards carnivore. I am creating the cycles to incorporate both, but if you are carnivore you will not add in vegetables, just eat different meats with higher carb values. You will also still choose the eating windows best suited for you.

I want to make this a community for support. I would like to meet on zoom for 4 different moon phases. That would be New Moon, 1st Quarter, Full Moon, and Last Quarter Moon. This way we can support one another through fasting, meal ideas, or just have coffee, water or tea and run our mouths (southern slang).

When the course is finished it will include some of my hypnosis visualizations being that I was a hypnotherapist for so long. I find this tool incredibly helpful. I want it to be fun and magical for all of us to heal our bodies.

Stay tuned for the course announcement. It will start over every New Moon which represents Day ONE of our cycle and menstruation. The next course will start on August 16th so keep an eye out for it.

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