Flaming Barbecue Meat

Cooking With Fire

Cooking with fire is about as primitive as it gets. Can you imagine what it was like when our ancestors discovered fire and its power? 

Fire is a powerful element that changes the chemistry of your food. 

Everyone has their favorite method of cooking with fire. The type of range in a home can be a deal-breaker in the sale of a home. Gas or electric? What type of grill do you prefer? Gas or coal? Maybe you love a smoker or a deep fryer. Some burn wood and use the coals to smoke meat. 

There are still some that cook right over an open flame. I will admit, I am very interested in cooking in this manner. 

I want you to pay attention to the way you use heat to cook. If you want to count the microwave, go ahead, but I highly advise you to explore the many ways of using heat to cook your food. 

Journal about it. Write down your experiments and what you love about cooking with fire. There is an amazing show on Netflix called The Chefs Table. It is one of my favorite shows. Give it a watch and see if it feeds your passion for how you cook your food. 




Water is one of my favorite elements. It plays a major role in nutrition. For one, you are made of 60% water. Think about how music affects you. Have you ever seen the vibration in water from sound waves? You can set the mood by the vibrations you surround yourself with. That is why I suggest good music while you're cooking. Try it. 

Water is in almost all of our food. The only time it isn't is when I cut fresh herbs and dehydrate them. Adding water always brings them back to life. You use water to make coffee, tea, or any other flavored beverages. You can drink it plain or add a lemon and some stevia for something amazing. 

You can get water in many ways. From your tap, bottled at the grocery store, or you can find a local spring and get it fresh from the earth. My favorite way is from a spring. Water from a real spring contains magnesium, which most people are deficient in. There is a website that helps you to find a local spring. Water from the tap usually contains chlorine and fluoride. You can use a filter to remove chemicals but will be removing the much-needed minerals as well. 

We have some BPA-free 5 and 3-gallon water bottles that we collect water in. I am looking into purchasing the glass jugs and metal stand for my home. I believe water is magical and should be kept in sacred containers. I will get more into that soon. We will discuss water under the full moon and many more magical traits about water. 

Before you start day one, look into finding a healthy source of water that does not involve small plastic water bottles. I think we owe it to planet Earth to take care of her and the water she provides.