Eating With the Seasons

Mother Earth has a reason for the food that grows in every season. Depending on where you live will depend on what's in season. I based my list around growing up in North Carolina. You can search your area for what grows best in Fall, Winter, Summer, and Spring. 

You can shop at your local farmers' market for some of the best in-season foods. I think local food should be your first choice. If you don't have a local farmers market you can still find in-season foods at your local grocery store chains. Some even have specific areas that sell local produce, dairy, and meat. 

Food Market Crowd

The lists below are created with what grows best in each season. This will give you the best nutrients possible with each meal to feed your soul. 

If you can't find certain items, just find something that speaks to you that day. The fall equinox is several days away and already I am craving butternut squash with cranberries. That will be one of the recipes I share in the 13 days of ritual for October and November. 

If it were July, it may be a blueberry scone and an herbal fruit tea. 

Again, this is all about what your body tells you that you need. It is also about paying attention to how your body reacts to certain foods. That is why we will keep it simple. I believe we could all use some simplicity right now. 

Reference the list to create magical, soul-healing recipes. 

I did not include meats on the lists. I buy from a local farmer. I know you can get most any meat you want all year round. Some of you may not eat meat. No judgment here. That is what this website lacks: judgment. I am a keto/carnivore. It is what creates the most optimal health for me. This website will not tell you what to eat but highly suggests getting in tune with your body and what it tells you it needs.