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Now that you have traveled in your mind, we are going to talk about slowing down. Take a deep breath and relax.


Day NINE! Start right now with some nice, slow, deep breaths. I usually count to 3 inhaling through the mouth, hold a moment, and then exhale through the nose. I do this several times. I usually laugh when my apple watch reminds me to breathe because I have usually already done it. It helps with my blood pressure and mental stress. I do like that feature on the watch because a lot of us forget to take relaxing breaths. Look up pranayama when you have the chance. I learned about it while studying hypnotherapy and holistic nutrition and it changed my life. You may think, how does one forget to breathe? Well, you don't, but you usually shallow breathe. Most women shallow breath during childbirth, in pain, stressed, or upset. We have to remind ourselves to stop, take nice deep breaths, and it will all be okay.

What does slowing down have to do with eating? Digestion for one. Eating in a hurry is not good for anyone. I know, I know, sometimes we are rushed or in a hurry. But today, I want you to stop and remind yourself to slow down. This was huge for me. I was always rushing no matter what I was doing. One day my husband placed his hand on my thigh and said, "Slow down, there is no hurry." He was right. I'm not sure where the need to rush through life came from for me. I would rush as I was grocery shopping, driving in traffic, taking a shower, cooking, or anything else. No wonder my blood pressure was so high. When I learned to slow down, it really helped me. I take my time when I grocery shop, drive, and when I cook. Sometimes it is nice to use a delivery service, sit back and sip coffee and wait. When they get there, take time to chop the ingredients and make you a nice soup. Wintertime is perfect for soup. It can be an easy soup. Even if it is just bone broth heated. Grab your favorite cup that you have chosen and play the Thunderstorm music I shared today and think about what slowing down looks like for you. 

In the journal, write down where you feel rushed. Why do you feel rushed? How can you change it so you can slow down? 

I knew I wanted to work for myself. Why? Because I hate alarm clocks. I like to wake up naturally. I want to sip my coffee, think about my day and then I am productive. You may be totally different. No matter your style, find ways to slow down in life.

Think about this: If every breath were worth a dollar, how would you spend them?

Another of my favorite tools is the Calm app. I use it on my desktop as well. I have been known to use the fire scene when it is cold out and play the sounds of fire in my headphones. I also love their rivers and rain. It is worth the investment of sanity. 


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I usually make my own bone broth but lately, I have used Kettle and Fire and love their broth. It is great just to heat up and warm my soul and listen to some relaxing music. 

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