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Today we are going to talk about smells. What smells do you think of that bring you comfort? I love the smell of douglas fir. I get candles and I am transported to a snowy village. 

Make a list of smells that you love.


Day SEVEN! I started working as an Instacart driver not long after starting the ketogenic way of eating. Every single time I had a delivery, I had to walk past that bakery because it is right by the front door. I would walk quickly past it in hopes no one had any baked items on their list. Also, guess where the bathrooms were? Yep, right by the bakery. I could make it through the entire store and then have to pee. Sometimes my second time by the bakery didn't go too well. I am a cinnamon roll addict. I would use the excuse that I was walking and carrying so many groceries, what would it hurt?  The truth is, it hurt a lot. Smells are part of our subconscious. I can remember the smell of my grandmother making apple fritters. She also made gingerbread that we would top with cool whip. The smells bring the memory to the surface and then I want to experience that comfort once again. That is why I want to create a new comfort around food. I look up a healthified version of what I am craving. Even if it is just baking it myself and cutting out the processed crap and vegetable oils. Not to mention, if you are taking time to bake it yourself, you are placing love into those ingredients. 

Smells make me weak when it comes to eating. If my husband and children get something to eat and I can smell it, I cave at times. The smell of fair food, pizza, fresh-baked bread. You are probably drooling just reading some of that. The subconscious mind has memories stored when it comes to all of those foods. Is it possible to create new memories and new comfort? I have to say yes. There are so many people creating new recipes that get rid of sugar and processed foods. You just have to get creative. 

My coach told me if I am going to eat cupcakes, maybe I just need to bless them. I laughed, but it made sense to me also. Maybe we beat ourselves up too much. We eat something and already tell our bodies all the bad shit it's going to do. Think about that. Maybe I told my carpal tunnel it was going to hurt because I ate that sugar, and it did. I will admit, I don't know. I do believe the science of the foods I eat does affect my chemistry. The way my blood flows, the way it retains water and fat, and all that other good stuff. I learned so much while in school for exercise science and holistic nutrition that I  became orthorexic. I never want it to come to that for anyone. I want you to be healthy. I just want to start by having you think about how you think about food. That was fun to say. Think about how you think. Ha. Stop beating yourself up for being human, but think about what you eat and why. Can you start cooking your own foods and placing them in pretty dishes and treating yourself like royalty? Make it smell good, pretty, delicious, and a ritual for life. 

One of my first kept books was by Maria Emmerich called Keto Comfort Foods. The cheddar biscuits are a new comfort for me. I actually own all of her books now and you will see a lot of her recipes on my Pinterest. 

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My night sky pottery plate and bowl. If I am grabbing a snack, I place it in my bowl or on my plate. It feeds my eyes and my soul. Eat slowly and enjoy it. 

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