Today we are going to learn some self-hypnosis. You can't get stuck. That is a myth. You have to learn how to speak to yourself. Trust me, I know all about negative-self talk. I am getting better at catching myself and rephrasing it with positive words. 

I will also list a few NLP techniques below. 

What are your beliefs around food?


Day SIX. I will tell you a secret. I have never been good at finishing things. I always self-destruct. See what I just said there? I said, I ALWAYS SELF-DESTRUCT. I already set myself up for failure. I even said I did not finish things. Here is what I should have said, "I am learning to finish things because I am capable." I AM CAPABLE. That is more powerful. 

I truly believe that our limiting beliefs set us up for failure. The one thing I did when I lost 61 pounds and healed so many ailments from blood pressure, carpal tunnel syndrome, ocular migraines, IBS, and depression was self-hypnosis. I made myself a 15-20 minute recording of how I pictured myself when I achieved my goals. In the recording, I said things such as, "You are eating healthy choices, you fit in your clothes better, skin is glowing, you love drinking water, you are happy and laughing often and are a pure joy to be around. You're healing nicely and you feel energetic and amazing." I listened to that thing daily until it was about 3 months in and I realized, "HEY, I need to make a new one because I have accomplished this one."

There is a journal page below you can work on. You will write down the things you want in your recording. You will see yourself as you wish to be and act as if it were already so. It is POWERFUL.

You may wonder what this has to do with nutrition? For me, everything. My emotions are tied to my food. If I eat sugar, I can go downhill fast. I am not a nice person to be around. I get acne from the inflammation and I feel depressed. It hits me hard. Are you like that with a certain ingredient? If you are a stress eater, this will help significantly. Hypnotherapy helps to reduce stress. It is one of my favorite modalities as a health coach. Everyone who needs to make a behavioral change needs it in their toolbox. 

Now for NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming.) Also one of my faves. I will start adding one to use daily here. Today, I want you to take something negative and switch it to something positive. Imagine something you do negatively or a limiting belief and imagine it on a big make it smaller and smaller until it disappears. Now, replace it with a positive thought and make it bigger and bigger on the screen. Catch yourself when you say or think something negative, switch it, and make it bigger. 

You can do this with food choices as well. Replace the processed, unhealthy food with something whole and healthy. Practice doing this with food and emotions. Feed your soul in every way. You are CAPABLE. You are WORTHY of healthy food. Your ritual should be asking what your food choices are doing for you, how are they serving you? How does it make you feel emotionally and physically? Tomorrow we will talk about smells. I had a smell set me off today. Come back for that on Day 7. 


The universe keeps bringing me lapis lazuli. I have a ritual where I grab a handful of bracelets and let two choose me. Every day lately it has been these.  

Day SIX music, recipes, and journal pages. Click on each to enjoy!

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