Are you starting to pay attention to the energy you create around yourself? Lighting candles, playing music, being in the moment.

Are you slowing down to eat? Have you noticed how the foods you eat affect you? 

Are you sleeping, dancing, getting sunshine, water and loving yourself?


FIVE is one of my favorite numbers. Do you have a thing for numbers? My husband and I got married on 5/5 because our favorite number is 55. One day I added up our birthdays and it added up to 55. I also love 13, which is why I chose 13 days of nutrition rituals. This is the second month I have ever done anything like this and I will be honest, it can be challenging. I go off topic from nutrition, but honestly, emotions surround nutrition. If you create energy around your food, sometimes you make better choices. I want you to make choices that give YOU optimal health. Not everyone will eat the same things. Have you ever read, " One person's food is another person's poison?" It's true. My husband and I seem to have intolerances to different things.

We just took an IgG test from Everlywell. I have taken the test before but this is his first time.

You can get IgG tests from different places, but I really like how Everlywell does it. It is how I figured out peanuts were causing my ocular migraines (flashers.) 

It can take a while to figure out which foods cause what. I used to blame salt for my high blood pressure when it turns out it was sugar. I can eat sausage with salt and my blood pressure is 117/77 and if I eat sugar it goes to 140/99. I finally made that connection. 

I got a little extreme and was testing my blood sugar and blood ketones. I made some connections and did a journal with the information. It can be a nice tool but do not allow it to add stress to your life. I allowed myself to stress out way too much. You have to relax! Just pay attention to your body, keep your journal, and find support. 

The tools I include below are optional. I like sharing music that helps me mentally and journal pages that help you think. I am hoping that soon I will have this put together better. I wanted to start, so I could learn. That is what you are doing with learning nutrition rituals to feed your soul. Find your NEW COMFORT around FOOD. 

Hope you like my skull cup I found at the Home Goods store last fall. It feels good in the hand and is appealing to the eye. I would love to see your cups in the group. Come share with me. 

Before you dismiss this recipe that uses hard-boiled eggs, give it a try. The trick is a high-powered blender such as a Vitamix. It is worth the investment. Give it a try and let me know what you think?

Day FIVE music, recipes, and journal pages. Click on each to enjoy!

Music to Move You

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Keto Bread Recipes


Journal Pages to Print

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