Do you have a place you love? I call my room my Magic Space. I have lights hanging on the wall, a salt rock lamp, pillows, soft blankets, Bose headphones, and candles. This is where I am most relaxed.

Write down your Magic Space or create one and make it so. 


Sometimes I don't have time to cook healthy desserts so I have some Lily chocolate bars stashed. These may not be perfect according to some, but let me tell you, they have saved my ass many times. Some people claim to not even need these crutches. Well, I applaud you and wish I could walk that line. Seriously, I wish I was not a sugar addict. I am a hypnotherapist and sugar is a powerful and addictive substance. I am doing the best I can. When I first went keto, what saved me was keto cheesecakes. They were full of fat and just enough sweetness to make me feel pleasure. I baked them with love and ate them like a mighty lion Leo woman with my ravenous appetite. I would put my little cheesecakes on a pretty dessert plate, make whipped cream with HWC, and Swerve and cover it with a few blueberries and whipped cream. It was like heaven. 

Do you have a magical space you retreat to? I drew a little picture of a tree covered with lights and a tree swing. I don't have it yet, but will. For now, I have string lights on my wall and soft pillows, blankets, and books in my space. It gives me butterflies and I love being in it. Sometimes it's nice to have a magical place to eat. Make your healthy desserts and go hide away. Get chocolate on your face and get lost in a romance novel. Hey, romance can be a nerdy science book.  Get your journal out and write in it. Do not overthink it, just write. When I was in hypnotherapy school we would take deep breaths and close our eyes for ten minutes and as soon as we opened our eyes we had to grab our pen and write for ten more minutes. Whatever came out of our soul was a message from the universe. Give it a try. What message awaits you? Messages are everywhere. Listen.



One of my favorite coffee mugs to sip warm drinks from. Have you found a cup you love?

Day FOUR music, recipes, and journal pages. Click on each to enjoy!

Music to Move You

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Keto Dessert Recipes


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