Did you think of what brings you pleasure? Food is always on my list. So is laughing and hugs. Trees. Nature. Music.  Go and do more of what brings you pleasure.

Now, what makes you feel most relaxed? Write down what you think of when you hear the word relax.

How did scanning your body go? I noticed my carpal tunnel syndrome started showing up again because we were eating out daily while remodeling the house. I would choose keto items from menus but no guarantee as to what oil they cooked them in or the additives in the foods. I was also feeling overwhelmed and rushed. One of the main reasons I created 13-days was to slow down and enjoy the food that was going into my body.


Autumn is around the corner. That's when I crave cooking casseroles and pies the most. I think of chicken casserole, chicken pot pies, apple pies, and more. 

I am creating a NEW COMFORT around comfort food. It satiates me, tastes amazing, and I really get PLEASURE when I eat it. If not, I won't eat it at all. Then I will go eat the thing I tried to replace. 

I enjoy cooking, sometimes. If I am rushed and feel pressure, I will get all sweaty and irritable. I like to take my time and enjoy it. I get out my cutting board, a good knife, and any other equipment I need and I sit down with headphones on with some great music and I put positive energy into my meal. I am serious—have you witnessed women in the kitchen before a big gathering slaving themselves and then they never enjoy the actual ritual of what they were cooking for in the first place. I promised myself I would never do that to myself again. If what you are preparing is too much, ask for help. I know you should not have to ask but do it anyway. Tell people what you need, you deserve to be helped.  Slow down, think about what you are making, keep it simple, and enjoy it. Your energy goes into the meal and you feed it to the people you love. Feed them LOVE and enjoy everything around you. SMILE. Not a fake smile, a deep and beautiful smile. SMILE right now and feel it. Do You?


I have asked you to get cups, plates, and bowls. Now I ask you to bring light into your space. Candles, lamps, or string lights. I keep string lights all throughout my house because they make me all warm and fuzzy inside. The RELAX me. Play around with lighting that makes you feel good. Candles at the table when you eat. I have sat down alone, lit a candle, and savored every single bite of my food slowly. I turn on some good music to go with my mood and I am in another world. 

Remember, slow down, relax, enjoy what you are doing, and do it with LOVE. SMILE. It's for you. Ask for HELP if you need it.

Today's music is one of my faves. I have been depressed, but then I put this on and just move my body to it. Feel it, listen to it when you cook. Shake your hips and bake that casserole.  


Low-Carb Apple Crisp

Secret...there are no apples in this recipe. It is zucchini boiled in apple tea. I used this brand of apple tea but there are others to choose from. I also ordered apple extract from Amazon that tastes incredible. If you have not guessed I am obsessed with Maria Emmerich's cookbooks. She shares this recipe on her Youtube page. I highly suggest subscribing to it. Click on the pic to watch. 

I hesitated on the Jay Rob eggwhite powder forever, but now I have the biggest bag you can buy. I use it in so many things. 

Day THREE music, recipes, and journal pages. Click on each to enjoy!

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