I hope you made an Optimal Food List. One that is wholesome, nutrient-dense, and helps you mentally and physically. 

Today, I want you to gather materials to make an Optimal Food List Vision Board. I would love to see some amazing food on your vision board, but it can be things you see yourself doing when you feel healthy. Visualize it right now in the present. It is like magick! 


Day TWELVE! True story, I made a vision board one year and sort of giggled at the thought. I say it is like magic, but you truly have to put in an effort. The thing is, when you can visualize something you can start taking the steps to make it happen. Sometimes your subconscious will start taking the steps for you and before you know it, you realize, you're there. I wanted a red VW beetle for my personal training business and I ended up with the very beetle that was on my vision board. I even wrote myself a rather large check and dated it once. I received that exact amount in the month it was dated. I will share with you that I did not get the money the way I expected, but it came. 

I love the part in Eat Pray Love where Julia Roberts is telling the story about the guy praying to please win the lottery and God answered back, how about buying a ticket. YOU HAVE TO BUY THE TICKET!! I mean, don't we all wish we could ask to be healthy and wake up that way? I know I do. 

The vision board and self-hypnosis recording are all tools that will create health in your life. Imagine craving and eating optimal, wholesome foods. Learn about the food you're eating and what's in it. The fewer ingredients the better. What does that food offer you? Vitamins, minerals, healing? Most of us lack potassium and magnesium and other vitamins and minerals and wonder why we need to take pills or supplements. I even drink water from a spring. Someone just tested it and realized it has copper and other healthy minerals we need. I love that clean spring water. You can go to Find a Spring and locate one near you. Get some glass or BPA free water jugs and fill them up. Less plastic bottles for the landfill as well. I truly believe in taking care of Mother Earth. 

The whole point of today is to really start to visualize yourself as you wish to be and do so as if it exists right now. Sort of like, fake it till you make it. 


If you have to, close your eyes, relax and allow images and ideas to come to you. How do you see yourself at optimal health. What clothes are you wearing. What foods do you crave that create this for you. Find pics of them and create the vision board. 

Day TWELVE music, recipes, and journal pages. Click on each to enjoy!

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