Did you light your fire? Did you think of ways to keep it going? I will be posting some podcasts soon with some helpful hints so look out for those. They will be short in length.

Today, let's talk about food since we are on Day 11. Have you learned anything about the foods that work for you?


Day ELEVEN! How has food journaling been? Some people are good at keeping track of food and macros. Me, I am somewhat of a rebel and hate tracking anything. I did use Cronometer for a solid year and that was the year I lost 61 pounds. I need to lose another 50. When I stopped tracking, I stopped losing. I'm not sure if there is a connection or not. I just knew I needed to build a better relationship with my food and habits. That is how this was all created. I needed to have a better relationship with whole foods. I used to wake up and think of what I wanted to eat, but not why. I will be honest, I stopped stepping on the scale. I wanted to love myself where I was right now. I also wanted to eat for health, not weight-loss. Everyone reacts differently to food. But, there are certain foods that are toxic to us all. 

My husband and I both react differently to certain foods. Even my cats react differently to their cat foods. That is where intuitive nutrition plays a huge part. What does your body say after you eat certain foods? Do you have gas, bloating, indigestion, or any other ailment where your body is trying to tell you something?


The sad truth is, when you're addicted to toxic food, you will make up any excuse to continue eating it. I have done it. I was told to cut out sugar and processed food and I didn't want to hear it. I thought I could have it all in moderation, and I couldn't. I was a personal trainer for the NSCA. I lifted, I ran, I busted my ass and then I cried. I was just adding more stress to my body. 


I will say this—when I stuck to keto and made it past those 22 days, I felt like I could fly. I was off all meds and never hungry. I have never felt like that in my life. Is low-carb (ketogenic) right for you? Is it vegetarian, carnivore? Only you can answer that. You are worthy of finding out. Start right now. If you say, "I will start Monday," that usually means you are not ready. Just start. Do it, even if imperfectly. Find support, make your self-hypnosis recording. Make it past that detox of bad food and allow your body to reach that healing point. It takes a long time to heal all that we have done to our bodies over the years. It is not a 22-day fix. That is why you can come back every month and do it over and over and you will figure out different things about yourself each time.  

I am just so happy you are here and you want to make a better relationship with healthy food. 


Have you found dishes or cookware you love?

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