Did you sloooooow down? It takes time and practice. Eventually, you will catch yourself rushing and slow it down. 

Today we will talk about how to keep your fire lit. It's easy to let that passion and flame burn out and get bored. 


Day TEN! Today is all about learning how to keep your fire from fading into a small burning ember. I know all about fading fires. I am a fiction writer as well and I can't tell you how many half-written books I have. It's not that they're not any good—I just lose the desire for them. When I started to eat healthily in 2018, my brain lit up and I finished a 90k word novel. I was on fire for it. 

Think about diets, workout plans, and all of the other things in life you lost your passion for. Do you even know why you lost the fire? Was it boredom, lack of time, self-destruction, or something else? I even have programs I paid good money for and I lose interest and never finish them. Sometimes I will find my way back and get it done. I share an Instagram link below that helps you find your rhythm with the moon. 

Even doing this, I have to do it daily and write from the heart. I can't do it like a robot. So, you may find mistakes or something else, but it is just from one little person in her bedroom typing away. I told myself, take it day-by-day and just do it. If you fall behind, keep moving. Eventually, I will be able to do it in my sleep and way ahead of time.

It would be nice if we all had our own personal Tony Robbins to wake us up daily and put a match to our ass. Unfortunately, that will not happen so we have to light our own ass up to get moving and make life happen for us. Vision boards are coming. They WORK! I know this for a fact. Maybe not in the way we expect sometime or in the time we think, but they WORK!!!

Speaking of fires, light some. Candles, firepit, fireplace, stove, sage or bay leaves in a cauldron or abalone shell. Fire is a HUGE part of nutrition rituals. 


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It's almost time for the New Moon. I follow @livinglunaraligned on Instagram for advice on using the cycles of the moon. I have loved the moon since I was small. She also has a membership that is affordable for texts and lives. Check Meliea out. 

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