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Getting Started

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You may be wondering what 13 Days of Nutrition Rituals is all about. I wanted it to be something simple. It is simply a place to come for inspiration, support, love, ideas, creation, and learning to be at peace with food. It is creating a new comfort around food. It is a place of no judgment while trying to rid sugar and processed food from your way of eating. 

We all beat ourselves up over food choices at some point when trying to eat for optimal health. Stress sneaks in and we feel like giving up. Somewhere we have forgotten how to truly enjoy our food and create a space that supports mental and physical wellbeing. 

For me, having a large family to support and take care of can take me completely off my path of good choices. I used to cry, feel angry, and then some. I still fall prey to sugar and processed foods and the quick fix drive-through meals. It just happens. 

That is why I created this space. Every month I will start over again. You can come as many times as you would like. We all know it takes more than 13-days to create a new way of eating for life. This is a start. For some, it will be the very beginning and for others, you will be trying to climb back on the wagon.

On each day, I will add recipes, music, and other ideas that help create rituals that help you to create a new relationship with food. I am a keto/carnivore. Sometimes I will eat just a ribeye and sometimes I will make a keto soup or even a dessert. Remember, we do not judge here. We simply support and nourish one another's souls. We are attempting to create a way of eating that eliminates sugar and processed foods. I need this page as much as anyone. I started keto in January of 2018 and lost 61 pounds. I healed so many ailments that healing quickly took front and center over weight loss. It was like magic. I never knew I could feel this amazing. At 49, I feel better than I did at 18. I want everyone to feel this way.

There are other pages for reference under the Getting Started page. These are just suggestions for creating space that helps you heal. 

When each day becomes available, simply show up with your heart and start your journey. I will offer downloadable journal pages and more. 

Also, look for a bowl, cup, and plate that you love. I have pottery from my local potter. It feeds my soul. You can look on Etsy, Amazon, local shops. It can be a plate from Target you love. As long as it speaks to you. 

Deep breaths! Anytime. Anywhere!! Just breathe. 

Thank you for being on this journey with me. 

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